We produced a film to announce the new collaboration between BMW Motorrad and the well-known Spanish customizer Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles.


A nice film introducing the new collaboration between BMW Motorrad and Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles to create the ultimate desert sled beast by Fuel

What is better than working for a big brand? Working for two at the same time!
In this project, BMW Motorrad and the established Barcelona-based Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles, to cover their collaboration on build an inspired old desert sled from the 60´s based in the brand new NineT Urban G/S, the neoclassical bike from BMW Motorrad.

Client: BMW Motorrad - Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles
Services: Film production and Post-production


Following step by step the work in progress presenting the final footage with a cinematic look

BMW Motorrad wanted to cover all steps of the making of its new Fuels’ creation, the scrambler Fuel Coyote. Have a look and enjoy the introduction. More is yet to come!

Making of

Using cinema camera and treatment we shot the arrival of the machine and how magic begun

Starting our collaboration with Bunch Of Sox, our new Monduke director, we wanted to introduce a cinematic feel to our short, to transport the spectator right into the heart of the magical relation between bike and builder.


We get inside Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles workshop and enjoy the magic created between tools and machine

A sensatory film generating high hopes for the new beast to come out from the Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles workshop.


CLIENT: BMW Motorrad – Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles

DIRECTOR: Bunch Of Sox

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Monduke Productions

POST-PRODUCTION: Monduke Productions