Video presentation of the new Burlety Visor and its application in different sports to demonstrate its functionality.

After receiving the gold medal for design, innovation and excellence applied to sport in the USA for the Burlety Visor, it was necessary to reflect its functionality in this film. The company Burlety Burlon Visors, manufacturer of high performance visors, got in touch with us to make this piece of great visual beauty for its worldwide launch, a new double visor for outdoor sports. Their visors are the result of combining high technology with style, durability and the use of high quality materials.

Client: Burlety Burton
Website: weebly.com
Services: Film production and Post-production


The client wanted to present a new concept of double visors and their functionality applied to different sports with a cinema treatment.

The treatment sought to play with the duality of the visor. Using different movements and camera positions we present the versatility offered by the Burlety Visor in different high performance sports.

Making of

Shot with cinema camera, steadycam and drone aerial shots.

We present #burletyvisor. A piece recorded with a digital cinema camera to give the image treatment the client wanted. To present the visor from different points of view, we also used aerial drone shots and steadycam to give more dynamism. For the locations, we decided to shoot in a tennis club, a beautiful beach boulevard, high mountain trails and aerial drone shots over the sea during a beautiful sunset.


A beautiful movie where you can see the sport in a different perspective.

The film shows the Burlety Visor in different high performance sports offering the user protection and a stylist fashionable touch.



DIRECTOR: Dídac Cervera

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Monduke Productions

POST-PRODUCTION: Monduke Productions