We produce nice films. We create 360 degree & virtual reality immersive videos. We develop augmented reality & mixed reality experiences

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About us

We are Monduke, an audiovisual production services company based in Barcelona with international projection.

Our starting-point is the precise identification of our client’s targets, towards which we work with the most creative team and equipment, with technologies in virtual environments and the latest production tools. The challenge is to generate experiences in the search for the best creative solutions for the best communication.

We are a front runner in concept, design and development for VR, AR and MR experiences, apps and tools. From storytelling to simulations, our team of designers and developers are continuously working on exploring the boundaries and challenges from Virtual Reality to Mixed Reality.

New media content

Our target is to adapt our customers needings to the capabilities of the new devices and technologies for content creation and immersive experiences.

Generating organic content

From the creative phase until the final delivery, in order to create coherent content, always looking for the best result according to each project needings.


The knowledge of the new technologies allows us a creative action adapted specifically to each specific project.

Bespoke productions

Each project, campaign and every device has its own philosophy. Each campaign is born under a specific needs and requires a bespoke design.


Monduke Productions

Founder & Partner


Founder & Partner


VR: 360 degree video

Also known as immersive videos or spherical videos are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional cameras or a collection of cameras. During playback the viewer has control of the viewing direction like a panorama.

VR: Virtual Reality

All reality-altering technology changes the way we perceive the world in some way, but virtual reality (VR) completely changes the visual environment around us.

AR: Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) takes your existing reality and changes aspects of it through the lens of a smartphone, a set of glasses, or even a headset. With augmented reality you’ll always see what’s right in front of you, but with an added virtual layer on top of it.

MR: Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (MR), on the other hand, takes AR to the next level and is, essentially, what many of us initially expected or hoped for AR to be. Instead of just a layer on top of the world we see every day, MR refers to the ability to mix digitally rendered objects into our real environment.